it's a jeep! it's silver! it's parked!

it's the neighbours yard!

the other neighbour's deck!

looks like a scene from Miami Vice!

I'm an FBI agent: next wiretapping!

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Suburban ennui at its finest :)

- 10.16.2001 05:50 AM - David


hi, i found you at the digink website in the weblog comments. i visit that site a lot as well. i was looking at your pictures and trying to figure out where in houston you live. i am from houston as well (i live in an apartment @ UH) and my family lives in kingwood (which is where i am now, yay thanksgiving).
drop me a line sometime!

- 11.24.2001 11:09 AM - jessica


w00t! I just noticed your comment. well, I live on the southeast side; clear lake area. across from the Palms which makes it look like I live in a more extravagent place...hee!

- 11.25.2001 06:21 PM - Amber


Does Barry Manilow live near you?

- 12.02.2001 09:24 PM - Jon


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