december 03, 2000
making mom out to be insane
and holiday updates, etcetra


since I'm mostly funny in spoken word, I'm going to start today off with some banter in the form of dialogue:

bread conversation

me: you smell like bread

mom: well, shoot me!

me: well, I wasn't saying that was a bad thing


the insanity debate

mom: stop banging the desk with your foot!

me: I was just hitting my other foot; the one not touching the desk. see? ::hits foot with other foot:: did ya feel that?

mom: ::looking scared:: no

me: see? then I didn't shake the desk!!

mom: ::shaking her head incredulously:: you're insane!!

me: ::cheesy insane grin:: well, hey, what about that crotch pocket talk, huh?? now who's crazy!!

mom: I'm not the crazy person in this house!!


mom trying to put ankle bracelet in narrow baggie

mom: ::whooshing noises::

me: what's that?

mom: I'm trying to keep this open so it'll slide in

me: um, now you KNOW that ain't right ::giggle::


mom busts out with something scary [funnier if heard in a voice clip but the mic is broken; phooey]

mom: ::with crazy Louie Armstrong on drugs accent:: I need to take some prrriiiiiiicttuuuures!!

me: ::clueless face:: umm...

so, welcome december!!! xmas seems to be coming pretty damn fast. at least I have a somewhat idea on items and there are now five definite people who are getting cards. I hope to ask more of my friends but if I have some left over, you can always ask and we can do an exchange [I bought a pack of 15 cards this year since last year I had too many left over].

I'm sending my list of xmas items to lindsey this week [she is the one who gives everyone my list of stuff. I might just link my amazon wishlist for the small items; and the rest I'll list; such as the clothing and all of that]. at least I'm not worried anymore. I was for abit because of this *ahem* site. anyway, she must be over it by now. no site can hurt you. I'm just sayin'

the neighbors lights next door always cheer me up just abit. I remember last year there were more lights up by now though. such as the ones across the street and around the corner. now, it's just the slight glimmer in the corner.

I think it'll be time to get the Luther Vandross christmas album out soon, yo!

me: what happened, Luther? I haven't seen ya around for awhile! and what is up with this picture??

Luther Vandross: well, um...I was gone?

me: yes, of course! we watched you through your Power of Love days and your fat and skinny and fat again and skinny again days. what happened?

L.V.: I'd like to be remembered as a premier singer of songs, ::contemplating::, not just a popular act of a given period.

me: ::looking abit bemused:: um...well....oh! ::thinking:: I bet he was paid to say that

if you haven't heard, I now know why josh is away. he might even be back by the end of the year! *crosses fingers*

I talked to his cousin andre saturday night and it seems he is taking finals right now and andre hasn't spoken to him since before thanksgiving! I guess I don't feel so bad knowing that; I mean, if he hasn't even contacted his own cousin, then obviously he must be concentrating hard on his studies which is a good thing to do. it still doesn't make me miss him any less.

just hearing about how he's going to burn andre a mix of Suikodens [a Japanese Adventure RPG game for Playstation; I found this out later in the conversation..hee!] and how they both want to learn how to play one of the songs on the flute made me all smiley inside. I don't know why. just the whole idea of being able to picture him doing stuff and the idea that he is still there conforts me in a way. like I can sorta imagine what he's doing by what andre says about him. makes me feel closer. eh. but it's all BS. I just like to repeat it to make myself feel better.

and now it's time to prepare my list to send to lindsey, so I'll end this.

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