When everything went dark, I tripped over a pile of something in the corner.

Bury Me Under a Mound of Shopping Bags - Figuratively
11:55 PM CST

Last night, I was very tense. in fact, my neck is still very sore. I'm not sure if it's all about being tense or cause I sit in front of this screen too long and it's finally getting to me or I've been straining it in other ways. nonetheless, I need a massage. I give mom small ones throughout the day and by the time I need one, she's passed out in her room. no tea tonight either. siiiigh. I should learn to make good tea, so I don't have to depend on mom to do so. my tea tasted bitter.

Okay, back to the story. it was raining. lightning zapped through the closed window as if it was right in the room with me and the intercom began to crackle. I was shaken up, in a curled ball on the chair ducking every so often when I thought I'd be electrocuted soon. I'm overly dramatic and lame. I began to talk to a few people about how lame I was and how much I hated when it severely stormed. each time the thunder crackled, it sounded like buildings were crashing.

After awhile of this, I didn't think it could get worse. I just hoped it would slow down eventually, so I could shower per usual. after one deafening blast, the screen blackened moaning and the whole room went dark. I knew the power had gone out obviously. I waited for it to come back on. when it didn't, I stood up.

Mom wandered out into the hallway telling me to watch out for the stairs and not fall down them. she also kept asking where I was when she was an inch away from me! I was like, "I'm right here." she said she was brushing her teeth when the lights went out and realised it was a sign. a sign of what?

She mentioned how strange this was that it hadn't turned on yet. I pulled up the blinds and was shocked to see how light the sky was; it had a reddish glow along the horizon. around twenty minutes, I was all sitting in the hallway complaining that something should be done about this. buy a cellphone - go out into the rain, buy a cellphone and call someone to come fix this! then I realised the phone works when the power is out, so that whole rant was uncalled for and just made mom want me to shutup. I knew I was being bitchy, but I get all scared in complete darkness which makes me unreasonable; blech.

I saw over at The Palms there were lights in the windows. I wished I was over there so I could watch Conan.

Soon mom got out the flashlight and called dad. I took the flashlight with me to the bathroom. it didn't help me put blemish cream on; in fact, I think I created war paint ...it was amusing.

After awhile of sitting on mom's bed with the flashlight making shadow puppets, I got bored and went to the computer room, sat in the wheely chair in the dark facing the blank tv. at this point, I ran out of stuff to do, got queasy from my sinuses and began to cry silently. I took this display of patheticness to my room.

Tried to read with the flashlight, but that just made me more queasy, so I put the book down and laid there hyperventilating cause I didn't know what time it was (time standing still makes me hold my breath) or when the power would come back on ...it felt like frikkin' decades.

Maybe ten minutes, hell, maybe a whole half an hour later of just laying there glassy eyed in the dark, I heard a beeping noise. then I heard mom say, "the power is back!" and I looked over at the blinking numbers. it was a blessing of some sort. I was overjoyed! turned out it was 2:30am and the power went out at 12:40am, so it hadn't been as long as I imagined, but still quite alot of time for doing nothing.

I'm sure you're glad you stuck around to hear my amazing tale.


The shopping bug is getting stronger. it's only been a couple weeks since I bought something. I cannot be that weak, but it seems the catalogues and online stores overpower my rational thinking mind. when I'm hormonal and want nothing more than to get weepy and depressed over nothing, shopping makes me happy damnit. they feed my need to ...well, I cannot think of a word to rhyme with that. they're just sneaky with their deals and their selling techniques.

I still have no idea whether you get one sock for $8.50 at jcrew or a pair of socks. it shouldn't be that hard, but they make me question this anyway; it's probably a technique used to get you to buy two and spend more money. I seriously considered using their live helpline:

Me: yes, do you only get one sock for the base price?
Sales Clerk: ahahahahah
Me: what? this is a serious matter of life and death! I didn't want one foot to end up cold if I was wrong!
Sales Clerk: ...

or they'd confirm my suspicions:

Sales Clerk: yes, you can get a WHOLE pair for $17 though
Me: then I'm not buying it! that's such a rip off!!! that poor lonely sock in the little baggie. if I hadn't asked and got one sock, I would've sent it back with somethin' extra inside!
Sales Clerk: um, your point? we make a billion dollars as is anyway cause we're sneaky like that
Me: *grumble* bastards


As you can see, I have some serious thoughts on my mind right there. I'm still deciding what to keep and what to remove from the cart. decisions ...decisions.

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AŽka!!! :D :D

Wow, it really *does* look like it's just one sock for $8.50... I could be wrong, and I would *hope* that I'm wrong, but still, that possibility is disturbing!

... who thinks they're bastards *anyway* for being all unclear like that! :b

- 10.10.2002 12:30 AM - Yansa


ok. call the helpline because then it would be funny or something. not only would it waste your time, and their time but it would make for one of those amusing "help line" jokes or something. almost.

(although.. those aren't exactly the sexiest socks i've seen.. i know you can do better.)


- 10.10.2002 12:53 AM - rozie


Yansa - yes; it disturbs me a great deal. reason I wrote about it :D

rozie - hee! yes, that would make a very amusing followup entry to actually call. as for the actual sock, I want to get them considering I like buying things in one spot and since I'm getting $20 off my order, it would be like getting a free 'pair' if it really is a pair ...um yeah. I haven't decided if I want those or the plain ones; I think those are sort've cute though (in black at least) ..my dream hath been dashed! :\

- 10.10.2002 01:03 AM - Amber


it could be buy-one get-one free

- 10.11.2002 05:18 PM - ctrent


Heh ...well, they *do* say if you buy *three* you get 20% off! :D

[oh yeah, as for the ones I linked to on lj (for those that saw it), I've decided on a different pair which are much cuter; yessuh)]

- 10.11.2002 07:35 PM - Amber


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