Since I'm a bore lately [I've done absolutely nothing except sleep in coma-like state the past few days], I'm going to give you the tabs to the song I just composed out of nowhere on the keyboard. oh yeah, what about that tropical storm Fay, eh? not much of a storm really...mmkay, anyway...

Foreign Forum People
11:39 PM CST

Oh yes, back story before I begin:

Me: *while watching Paige Davis [of Trading Spaces fame] on her wedding story* if I was ever to have a wedding, I'd invite all these forum people I know. they'll be like, "don't you have other friends?" and I'll go, "no, not really, yo!" it would be quite a blast since I know what they look like and I could picture it now ...this is if I was to ever have a wedding

Mom: um... *looking scared*

Me: what's wrong with forum people?? does that make me a dork?!?

Mom: I thought you said *barely audible* foreign people

Me: *giggling* HAH! um, no. that is pretty funny though. really, I'm sure there are some foreign forum people around as well; they can be invited, too. foreign forum people! foreign forum people! *sing songy voice* foreign forum people foreign forum people!!

Mom: *thinking I'm insane*

Me: *opens up drawer* I'm going to do it on the keyboard!

Anyway, here are the tabs:

left hand: AAAAAA
right hand: GGGGGG [same time]
left hand: G
right hand: A [same time]
*repeat about 4 times*
right hand: B

repeat the words "foreign forum people" while performing. also, if you have one of those fun keyboards with the added on tones, put it in Glass Harmonica on low. it sounds more foreign that way.


12:56am for the Hobbit Mafia (we collaborated on AIM just now), I decided to compose a theme. it is basically a chant since a good friend just informed me that three notes does not make a song ...well, what do y'all think [gets all Justin Mcfro on ya ...erm nevermind]?!?

left hand: FFFFF
right hand: AAAAA [same time]
left hand: E

repeat "hobbit mafia" while playing. oh yes, Jazz Guitar is a good tone to set it on for this one. play really fast and shout the words. I should make my own keyboard punk band....damn.

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The required Hobbit Mafia dress code:

- One big grey coat/jacket. Can be trench-coat long, 3/4 long, whatever. Just make it big and grey.

- Big old black boots. combats, Docs, tankers, etc.

- A black hat. The funkier, the better.

We have not yet determined our summer wardrobe.

- 09.08.2002 05:08 AM - Indi (Hobbit Mafia Gun Moll)


I can picture it now ;)

hrm, in summer we can wear, ummm doc sandals! um yeah!
and a fisherman's cap ...or not. no, that sounds fruity.

- 09.08.2002 05:10 AM - Amber


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