Since there's nothing new to write about (really!), I'm just going to go on about a dream that is more than a week old. I haven't had a sound sleep in that long I don't think.

Like An Enemy You Wander You Wander You Wander
11:27 PM CST

There was a man and his dog; they both wore striped convict outfits. it looked like something out of an odd cartoon, but with real people -if that makes sense- ..they were digging a hole underground to escape. suddenly there was a school building. everyone worried considering it was Halloween and they had heard about the escape. they were all afraid they'd be on the guy's hitlist. the dog helped out in the crime apparently; he was good at getting unsuspecting people to follow him and would pull on some piece of rope with his teeth. very weird yet yeah, I've probably seen it on tv. anyway, this convicted serial killer hides behind the double doorway to the school outside, wearing a spooky mask and a grin like the joker with scary clown makeup on ...he peers in the window then hops back to the shadows again and again. the people within the building can sense him.

On the road, they travel. they travel very far away. they hope not to be caught by the cops for all that they have done. the dog sits on the passenger's side of the truck (oh yes, I could tell what type of vehicle it was). as the sun sets, they drive off in the distance. who knows if anyone that previous night was killed.


What a lovely story, eh? I don't know why I put off telling it. I bet it would've been in more detail if told alot sooner. I just had alot on my mind at the time. not that I don't now, but ya know, there wasn't any content really.

Saturday there was no record store trip cause they got back by 10pm. it wouldn't have been worth it to go for such a short time considering. Sunday we did nothing really. I sat online doing whatever; mostly playing the helicopter game and catching up on some comics. lindsey read her book in the corner, giggling every now and then (she's gone through like 3 books not counting comics since she's been here; I? have gone through none except the Ghost World comic which I read last night after the movie - it's lindsey's if I didn't mention her buying that at B&N -).

Oh yes, speaking of the movie, we got to see 100 Girls which richard told us about. it actually was very good. lots of laughter...hee! I don't see how any of those people the reviewers at amazon talked about could think it was porn! I mean, c'mon! I's mostly the same as Undressed, but with better acting obviously and breast viewage. nothing I haven't seen before. porn mostly doesn't have a plot. this was cute and had a plot! anyway, yes, it was worth the watch. also good that we didn't have to rent it after all since it came on Showtime :) [not that it wouldn't have been worth it, but still ....laaaazzzy]


Tomorrow is the only day we have left to go to the record store. I don't think it's going to happen cause they have to pack supposedly and well, all dad talked about was the crab shack. wtf? why does everyone always talk about food? I only talk about food when it's time to eat. not days beforehand! or even one day beforehand really...the most I ever planned in advance was like 3pm for dinner. bleeeeh.

I guess there's still a chance, but whatever. I won't get my hopes up over it. we didn't even go to the pool or watch any anime yet. this is rather odd. I don't know what the hell has been goin' on. only two days have I done anything with them yet it seems like alot more than that. I'm slightly cranky about it, but not to the point of pissed off or anything. I mean, we've had some fun. that's what's important.

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