Man, this song I've been trying to send to lindsey is finally close to being finished (87%) - we started this up at around 4pm. uh, yes. the thing is 14k. the song is only 6min. long. what is wrong with this picture? it better be damn good quality!

Becoming l33t
09:49 PM CST

While the thing has been downloading, we discussed our need to be l33t ...she didn't get what 'patch' meant in this Penny Arcade comic (she's working her way through the archives) and so she asked me. I figured it had something to do with gaming - uh yes I'm bright. I don't really read Penny Arcade though I've been meaning to, but yeah, I don't play many games, so I had no idea. after finally it was figured out that a patch was a fix of some sort for glitches/change characters, we decided if only we could become l33t and join in online gaming, we could become part of the male clique and become loved. bwah!

The only games I've semi-heard of are PSO and Counter Strike. most likely I'd suck and no, they wouldn't love us. they'd call us silly newbies who should go back to erm, playing solitaire or somethin' ...I'm a mighty fine solitaire player!!! Dan told me I could play tetrinet; I told him I already tried that and sucked. I'm soured on Tetris after mom's obsession anyway. I think the only games I'm good at are racing games and loner sorts like previously mentioned (solitaire) and well, the apple game, the helicopter game and so forth. I suck once there is competition of some sort. well, at least if it's a real person. I can beat computers on occasion.

Anyway, I told lindsey about the options ....I read the faq at the Counter Strike website to see what it was all about. decided it was too complex. lindsey even thought so. it would be best just to play with whoever is already currently obsessed with it if we realllly want to play. not worth purchasing then downloading patches and so forth just to find out we suck and quit. hee! I find I don't have that obsessive game component fixed in my head. I get bored easily with my games if they are not the mindless sort. rpgs bore me after like one round, adventure sorts are okay till I get stuck and never return to it. I think the last time I got realllly excited with beating levels on a game was with Donkey Kong Country (all three) on snes ....those games I beat fully. I loved the roller coaster levels. what type would that be considered? I have no idea. I just suck at ones with storylines (like choose your own adventure) [rpgs] since I get bored reading all the text and going in circles or ones where you must kill all these things [adventure/rpg like Zelda]....bleh. or both combined. whatever. I like hopping broken rollercoaster tracks, dodging objects and bouncing on enemies heads and kicking them.


Anyway, so there went that idea. from gaming we got to talking about computer systems. a very psuedo l33t conversation. I said ME sucks yet I use it - realllly I'd rather have 2000 cause XP still seems iffy and 95 is what I had before which crashed just as much and well, 98 I haven't heard much about). she mentioned that her ex put Litestep on her computer cause of the l33t factor, but couldn't get it to work right, so she deleted it. then we discussed how Mac OS was essentially better cause Macs don't crash as much as windows. if I had a large sum of money I could spend in full, I'd buy an ibook right now. I really want a laptop then I could go sit by the pool with it. I don't know why the idea of that thrills me.

From computer systems we got to discussing how non-l33t we really were besides the fact that we could say some words in l33t which most can. I mean, hacking? nope. I barely attempted once with a photo program and I still failed miserably. lindsey said she just hacked into hecklers ...I barely even recall that site. she mentioned Teri trying it, too (edit lindsey said this: oh hey... um teri didn't hack it... she was trying to win a contest with me for "dumb IMs".. that was a different story ...whoops. bad, bad me for clicking out of that IM box! I still don't remember that either). why don't I recall this scenario? I'd remember hacking wouldn't I? or was she not at my house that day? weird, yo. anyway, me and hacking? no.

Think of me when you want to play a nice game of uh, Mariokart. yes. I 0wnz j00! I sc4r3 m3! m33p!


Abit of non-l33tness for two seconds. I woke up at 2:44pm. I missed Days. I ate a croissant. I listened to The Dismemberment Plan for like three hours. I just sneezed all over mahself. the song is at 96% now. w00t!

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