I spent $111 at the Victorias Secrets website last night. did ya know they tax there? no website taxes!! no wonder they offer free shipping for orders over $100; hell, the tax alone is like a mini financial crisis. $9 for tax?? anyway, that was my auction money right there!

Refuge in Shopping
10:35 PM CST

I closed all my auctions yesterday. made aprox $89 since the earrings didn't make the reserve and I feel awful in saying this, but I did an immoral thing to try to raise the price to make the reserve by the end of the auction. I signed on underneath my bidding name and bid on the earrings....twice. yeah, like once wasn't enough. I first tried for $45 and then $49 which raised the price to $50. there was 21 minutes left though and I wasn't thinking. this is what I figured: if it doesn't make the reserve, no one gets the earrings. I'm doing a good deed here. they have a max bid. it won't go beyond their max bid, so they don't have to worry about it. if they only put in a max cause they didn't think it would get up there, it's their own fault. no one can trace this name to the selling name. no one will know I had anything to do with raising the competition. and after much debate and sweaty palms, I signed in and did it. the worst thing I could do in eBay history and still not sell the earrings. they only made it to $56 by the end. the reserve was $95.

I feel sorta bad, but those other two people came in after me and they probably would've tried anyway and raised it that high if I didn't. of course, there's always the chance they came in cause I did. *shrugs* I'll overlook that thought. they didn't sell. my remorse will have to reside in paying the 55 cents in relisting it since it isn't free the second time. mom suggested I say right away what the reserve is in the description. it's cheaper than putting the starting bid at what ya want since that'll overwhelm people and it costs more to list it that way. plus, if it's taken, you get back the dollar put in for reserve. anyway, I'm considering doing that and lowering the price to $80 though it's worth $179 and I feel extremely sad in having to sell it that low. I just want to make money and know I'll never wear them. my ears aren't pierced and probably won't be at least till many years later or never...I look horrible with earrings anyway (I've worn clip-ons..yick!).

Going back to the Victoria's Secret tale. so yes, I only got it up to $100 to make the free shipping. I made mom, in all her sleeping reverie (I'm in an 'r' trap), look through the V.S. catalog to find at least two items to get the price up to $100 or over. I had it at $67 at the moment. mom struggled to keep her eyes opened and mumbled while I kept saying, "oooh you have your eyes on that tank, right? you want it, eh? you haven't turned the page!" this got her abit ticked since I saw her snarling her face and wanting to just drool off to sleep instead of flipping through a catalog for clothes she doesn't exactly need yet want. hey, it's a clearance sale! though she had to have $33 worth of clothing for me to make the price. I'm thinking she's partially regretting her decision on the colours; I mean, they're almost the same colours for both tanks. raspberry and fuchsia. not much of a difference. I, personally, would've picked turquoise for that one that looks like the yoga zone solid tanks.

Now, the big question here is, who will pay for the tax? split it? I have $10 leftover from my earnings (if everyone pays; yeah, I sorta jumped the gun cause it's a sale and sales don't last decades; people can pay for up to ten days! the money will arrive; at least in my muddled brain since they all won and had feedback; so far so good). I guess we'll just have to discuss it. it's not a big deal, but she doesn't know about the tax. she fell asleep right after making her selection; not even waiting to see me make the order. I have a feeling she would've been upset about the tax thing at that point anyway. I have a way of hiding things when it's a financial surprise even if a small one; one I wasn't expecting. I was expecting $102 as the ending price. not $111...ugh. free shipping my butt :P

One good point, I think the bladder infection is just about over. the pain is gone though it was horrible later saturday night. so bad I just about cried and couldn't move. I took a hot shower and took the water bottle to bed that night and the next day, pain in side and back was gone! instant miracle! that usually helps, I just wasn't sure since I hadn't had something like that happen unless it was pms time or some infection. siiigh. mom thinks it might've been just gas (eep! I dunno).

I just realised I should've bought the CB book club book with part of that money, but I think there's still time if I speed read once I get it. I'm reselling some items this week and if I have good luck, I'll have just enough to buy the book which looks good.
In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson. anyone read it or know if it's good? I like the cover :)

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I don't know which part I liked better... the Victoria's Secret part or the ebay part... or the gas part. ;)


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