Sitting here, never thinking I'd have to say goodbye. I've said it so many times, but yet it hasn't fully sunk in yet. even after all the work and sorrow over the past few days, I can't believe it's closing and half of it I'll never see again. fortunately, I was able to make this tribute that I will add on to till the day it closes.

astral squishite you're bigger than the stars
01:02 AM CST

There have been many spewing of drinks while at the computer, many laughs, many crushes, just full of fun which could never make anyone bored for a day during an idle moment. this site has fulfilled all of this and I don't think I will find anything quite like it. where else will I be able to say 'rock like bob' without getting weird looks, or saying 'I just became a punk ass bitch, yo!' or 'pagestartah!' about pamie's crazy tales and hear a cat speak with a french canadian accent or think about a hyper active cal bouncing around saying 'bite my butt!' ...I don't think anywhere!

Just thinking about the past year and all the people I 'met' and all the crazy imaginative worlds that were created and all the intelligent people I don't see often anywhere else makes me abit sad. at least there's a group, at least there's the old forum. at least there's the
tribute. there's even the google cache. of course, it'll never be the same as being in one stationary forum and even knowing pamie was watching over us and allison as the moderators, well, it made me feel good and such. made sure those trolls never stayed in. that's probably why the forum was different than others. there were the occasional skirmishes...I even talked about how Squishy wasn't the same once everyone stopped padding cause they were afraid of 'ratsy' ..remember him/her/it? they were funny though! it was just annoying that it put an end to padding for the longest time. I thought it'd never end. I didn't even pad that often, but without people doing it, just felt wrong. now, I'm actually wishing it was back to that time. at least the forum would still be around....siiiigh. I'm just so nostalgic and don't really want to let go completely of what it was. reading the entries was always first on my list though. bagel? (check!) iced tea? (check!) Squishy entry? (check?) ....yeah. it was part of my afternoon routine. sometimes an entry wouldn't be there at the time I'd check, but I'd keep checking back. at least I'd go to the forum after that...see the new topics. now what shall I do? there will never be a new entry! the forum will cease to exist! well, of course....I'll sit here and write entries for my own site, view other forums, continue to write to the mailing list when I feel's still just sad.

Comment: Share your Squishy memories. What made you laugh? What will you miss?

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Lovely tribute! Squishy will always hold a special place in a lot of peoples' hearts...

- 07.05.2001 03:23 PM - j.


ah good! I was hoping the form worked cause it had probs at one point. that's why I freaked.

and I'm glad you liked the tribute. I'll be adding to it more during the weekend probably...and email pamie. I'm not sure if I'll be able to post the entries though.

- 07.05.2001 03:54 PM - Amber


You know how much Squishy has changed my life. The place where I have meet friends and had hours of fun but most important it's the place I meet the lady I love. The women who is more special to me than anything in this world in the future, present; or past. I will miss it and the memories that came from it though will live forever.

- 07.07.2001 12:09 PM - Brian C. Williams


Whoa... Brian C. Williamss lives... sup, yo? Squishy will certainly be missed... where else can a guy go to pad these days?

- 07.19.2001 07:55 PM - melodywhore


um, H.G. yooo didn't you see at the top? hey! you're a member!

you can pad at squishettes though, I, as a moderator, sorta said we should just chat, but that's just my suggestion; still fun! you should stop by again sometime.

- 07.19.2001 08:21 PM - Amber


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