may 01, 2000
virtual tour
checking out the grand hotel


okay, this may seem like a cheap shot to do a tour of my house, but erm, I'm killing two birds with one stone here. aunt jo jo and them wanted photos of the house sooo what better way to show them and entertain everyone, right? right! okay, most of the photos are in b/w since the stairs looked weird in color. it was all psychedlic and stuff. now, it looks dignified and gives it all an artistic flair. really, my house is more lively than this. there are some color photos inbetween just because maybe the detail didn't show up in b/w. okay, soo lets get started.

we will start in the front yard of the house...
[looking in both directions]

who knows whos car this is. it was out front next door to our house to the right. I don't even know who lives next door, but it's been there for awhile.

whee!! to the left in the far distance, we see the entrance sign to my neighborhood. it's funny, but I've never seen it until today. pathetic me. it made me all hyper.

okay, finally we're looking straight on at the front doorstep. how dignified.

this is the front door. whoopedoo right? I sometimes like to look through the pretty pretty glass part at the cars zooming by out of reach. also, the sun goes in best through this door. it's sorta hard to tell since the light was coming through and blinding everything in its path.

this is the glass area of the door I was talking about. it is really pretty isn't it?


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taking photos of one's house takes longer than I thought [like a week]

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