Lately I'm paranoid. of nonwishful thinking if that makes sense. the sort where you think about something or are watching a certain something thus it'll be the best opportunity for the same something to happen to you.

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This past Saturday I was going to talk about the Real Sex episode that was shown on HBO last week, but Cookie beat me to it! well, either way she would've beat me to it, but nonetheless, I haven't been keeping up with sites enough lately.

The conversation mom and I had regarding the episode (erm, yes, she was watching as well; I did not tell her to watch) was quite humourous though.

*walks in*
Me: You're actually watching it??
Mom: It's like a train wreck
Me: At least it's only women. they show that on Sex and the City as is
Mom: Why do they even come out in anything? why wear the g-string? I just don't get the point!
Me: Well, they need something to take off or it wouldn't be considered stripping I s'pose ..slight mystery
Mom: There is NO mystery! I mean, once you've seen one ass, you've seen them all!
Me: *shrugs* Ick! what is with sticking the ass practically up the pole?? now, really, I hope they lysol that pole or get their own special 'them only' one ..I mean, I don't even like people using my shower if it has been cleaned later! augh!
Mom: Yes, that is unsanitary

*watches in silence as horse girl talks about how she doesn't use a saddle; just a blanket then there's a shot of her riding a toy horsey on the stage and I'm horrified and giggling all at once*

..Soon I get up to leave cause it has gotten ridiculous. I return about 10-15 minutes later.

Me: Still watching??
Mom: They are showing the 'ladiez night' from Philly segment now!
Me: Hrm, seems to be male stripping now ..uh oh!

*both watch in silence*

Mom: What was that??
Me: It was his 'thing' a chain...
Mom: No, no it wasn't! it was an animal!!

Mom later told me about the results of the miss nude competition that I missed and the God thing which Cookie pointed out. I'm sad I missed that. I'm sure it was riveting.


Speaking of HBO which we were for once, the people are coming to install the black box (our cable company went digital if I didn't mention) on Friday. I have to be dressed considering the box is just going in my room. aren't I special?



#1: another cellphone related story. this time it's New Year's Eve and I'm at a theatre (for play purposes; not cinema purposes). my phone rings in the midst of the dancing/performing on stage. lindsey is next to me and glances over. I hesitate before picking up. it turns out to be the boyfriend I do not have sayin' they don't like me anymore cause I didn't meet them where I was supposed to and instead decided to hang out with family in another state. I was quite horrified and just stared at the phone in silence for awhile then clicked the 'end' button. not sure what that means at all, but I bet the whole cellphone ringing in an inappropriate place has to do with forum topics about cellphones I've read lately. maybe it could also have something to do with fearing rejection and a new year bringing less than happiness.

#2: it's snowing heavily. I recall the place well. it was a maze of streets covered in blankets of the stuff. none of it was shoveled yet. there was a frozen lake off in the distance that I wanted to go see while no one needed me around. I got in the car and began to drive quite magnificently down the snow covered street looking at house upon house. it wasn't difficult to get through the snow at all. I sped down quite beautifully back and forth. back and forth. I made nice car tracks in the snow that leveled it an inch or two below its original level. when I returned, I explained that I had to do it cause otherwise I'd forget how and it wasn't as dangerous as it looked. weird yet pretty. I was happy.


Today I got the Trembling Blue Stars albums I ordered plus some other stuff I was expecting. it is to yay! it is too bad I didn't get the other two I don't have, but yeah, it was getting price-y.

Speaking of albums, that Lali Puna album that was taken from my wishlist is back now; I'm not sure how it could get unpurchased; does anyone know a reason for this? I'll wait another week or two or I'll probably order it myself cause I know a place to get it cheaper (I didn't order it in the first place which is why I wondered who got it for me - they could've saved almost half - nonetheless, maybe no one got it for me and it was a site glitch; one that lasted longer than a month - sheesh! anyway, I probably won't email them considering I didn't buy it. I never even emailed about the clothing purchase deal that no longer was in effect cause of an item I ordered being cancelled either and that was important. I'm lazy, okay? also apparently I don't know when to stop asides in nice condensed forms).

[ETA: the clothing purchase deal didn't need to be dealt with apparently. I still got my free gift certificate email and used it. amazon is redeemed *for now*]


There is only one volume of Vampire Princess Miyu left for me to watch now [watched two this weekend; the viewing at night got me all creeped out cause the house was making tapping noises off and on thus watching Shinma and vampires was unsettling no matter the unlikelihood of such a thing].

Today I showed mom the Buddha episode which she found cheesier than hell. I mean, so did I though. when the Buddha's head came through the ground of the shopping center, I guffawed - oh it was to laugh! the Buddha no longer wants peace! it wants to destroy cities in Japan! crazy, crazy no storylinecakes.

VPM isn't even as cheesy as other anime series I've seen. I'm enjoying it very well so far. it's just that that episode didn't have as much point to it as the others did. seriously. it's good as a joke though.


The heart shaped cookies are too sweet, but they are pretty. one would look nice displayed on the wall if only I was assured it would never decay.

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