Isn't it just like me to have mini dramas and yet, just sit idely on my ass oblivious to what's going on? it seems we have a mystery on our hands and it did start at the root of this site after an entry I wrote. we all remember Awlbee, right? thought so....

Who Dun' It?
01:09 AM CST

André (FB's cousin) emailed me after months of not hearing from him. I thought he just didn't like me anymore after I wrote a five page letter. I was thinking he just looked at it, read it, said, "nope, too long, not funny enough" and threw it in the trash never to think of my existance again. oooh woe is me! I think way too lowly of myself, so of course, that's the way it goes. I thought this was a joke when he wrote me an email yesterday asking who Awlbee Better was and why he was phoning him. ya got me, ya know? I was shocked to see the name until I realised if he had written to me on my sardonic-hee popmail that possibly he saw the comments Awlbee had made on an entry in the archives.

I didn't want to seem too gullible in case André was pulling my chain here and this Awlbee hadn't called him. I mean, the words in the last comment that said "I'll find them and make it all better" would leave enough leadway to pull a joke out of it to scare me to death. unfortunately, he emailed back (this wasn't the unfortunate bit) and told me it was for real. this guy called him and told him to write back to me. uhh let me see if I got this straight, Awlbee took the trouble to find someone I knew and demand he write back just cause I might've been abit upset when I didn't recieve a second letter. it gets even weirder that I don't even know André's phone number and yet this guy does. that shows he's crafty and I don't like crafty. I've had enough nutcases email me in the past, that I don't need others who also involve my friends. that just ain't right no matter how they disappointed me in the past or whatnot. I don't want someone I don't even know who says we go waaay back to go do the dirty work for me. if I want to try to contact them again, I will. I just think it's quite silly. I was happy to hear back from André pleased me and all that, but I just don't want anything started with this Awlbee.

Furthermore, if this Awlbee's job is to find anyone who did me wrong in the past, he'd have to be making ALOT of late night phone calls which (and I must be strong in this note) I DO NOT WANT HIM TO DO! I don't want him disturbing the peace. he seemed to piss off André enough for his shenangans on my behalf which makes it seem like I sought this guy out and made him do all this which I didn't. in fact, I sorta was saying enough is enough and this is when I thought he was just one of those trolls who tries to cause mischief anywhere where public discussion is allowed. no matter the warnings.

Next up, and this is important if he's not a troll or a weirdo, who is he? he seems to ass his way out of not saying who he really is, and this is what is most important. this makes me think of a computer virus; how ya have to figure it out and stop it. this virus could cause more problems if I don't out him, methinks.

Dad called this morning before his flight (he's going on a trip for some relative's wedding in Maine and then going to Ohio to visit with the relatives and such) and told mom that Suj knows how to hack into important areas to find people's info. I use such loose terms since I am not up on all this hacker business, but I think it's wrong. at least it's wrong to hack into important places of business for your own amusement. not that there's a correct and moral way to be a hacker. I just don't know. there are small little hacking jobs that are like the equivalent of white lies where you're just trying to get an art program and don't want to pay for the real thing so you make it believe it's the real version or you do other such small jobs like this that just benefit you. maybe even places like napster work this way; it's not a whole crime being committed. it doesn't hurt many people. now, the big ass whooping kick your ass and go to jail lies, are like hacking into police records and finding out people's vital financial information and using their credit cards or doing other such things as this.. that's wrong. even finding out people's phone numbers and addresses so you can harass them could be a fatal occurance methinks.

Anyway, dad said that Suj does this in his spare time just for fun and showed dad what he could find and that he could find info on us too which I don't like. I always had my qualms with Suj as it is. if he's Awlbee this could just make me abit more upset. there is evidence #1: he knows my weblog URL which I post this URL on. evidence #2: he was here visiting with dad the night that I wrote a letter to André and left it on the table by the door; he could've glanced at it if he wanted and even if not, look it up on the computer if he just remembered first and last name. evidence #3: dad said he was into looking up this sort of info this morning which is way too coincidential, donchathink?

The only other people I could think of would be ethan (hah! yeah he'd take the time to call long distance just to make me happy; even though he has disappeared and no one seems to know where he went...oooooooh!!), Dino (I doubt it; it would be more likely that Awlbee would contact him than him being Awlbee), Carlos (childhood friend, but why would he? we don't talk much anymore and he never was conniving like that to help me though he has demanded that people call me or write me but in a brotherly best friend sense and when I was aware of it and when I allowed it), "Barista" (eh, he's too nice and I'd never suspect him, but like the game Clue, ya just never know; it's always the Butler with the candlestick or something), FB (welll, he'd know his own cousin's phone number!! erm...not that that has a point to it or anything since he could just go over and tell him to write back if he felt so strongly) or Teri (she was into playing games with me, but mom thinks that would be too weird considering we haven't spoken in years and why would she come back just to play a game on me; mom has a point but I wouldn't put it past her; weirder things have happened). so that's that. I'm not sure if I'll end up finding out or if Awlbee will step forward and say he's neither of these people. I just had to list them all to ponder it for a moment.

Why don't you play along and guess who you think has the most incriminating evidence against them; that seems sorta easy, but maybe you have another option you'd like to share. I'm up for anything to end this little mini drama we got here.

I am glad to see André back though; it's nice to have a friend to email again not counting Brian, Starcat, or Lindsey.

edited to add: here's the
URL to that entry Awlbee posted in to get another view on this if you haven't read it before.


Really, I don't have much else to say. still gathering money, still feeling abit off physical-wise, still online shopping (now I can scratch book club book off the list; hopefully it'll arrive at a reasonable date or I'll be waaay behind the other readers!). I'm feeling the need for looove again. yeah, asexuality doesn't last long for me before I start longing for a touch which I never get and go back into asexuality. this time it's back to thinking about Dino per usual. he's safe and I know what he looks like most definitely and he's cute. now he'll probably read this and think I'm as crazy as Awlbee. but really he is cute and I mean that in a purely calm, rational way. thank you.

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